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Fans were surprised when Celine Dion recorded a hilarious music video for the soundtrack’s lead single Ashes, and now David Beckham is getting in on the action.

The footballer is seen at the start of a new ad watching a moment from the first Deadpool movie in which Ryan Reynolds’ titular character mocks his voice.

“It’s like he mouth sexed a can of helium,” he quips.

Beckham disapproves of the moment, and then gets a text from Reynolds saying “So sorry”.

His door knocks, prompting a funny series of in-person apologies from Reynolds in full Deadpool gear.

When they do finally hug it out, he realises Beckham wasn’t even offended by the line in the movie – and is actually upset over Reynolds’ less-than-favourable past movies.

“I mean there’s a list,” he says, “Green Lantern, RIPD, Selfless, Blade Trinity… Boltneck.”

Reynolds nods along with all of his digs, but furiously labels Boltneck “a masterpiece”.

Green Lantern, released in 2011, was a DC Comics venture that actually brought Reynolds together with his now-spouse, Blake Lively.

But it was met with poor reviews; its screenplay, tone and villains coming in for a hard time from critics, who gave it an approval rating of just 26%.

At the box office it also fared disappointingly, netting $219 million worldwide against a budget of $200 million.

A trilogy was touted at the time but was later dropped, however the character is expected to be rebooted in the DC Extended Universe with the film Green Lantern Corps – due 2020.

Who exactly will replace Reynolds as Hal Jordan remains to be seen.

Deadpool 2 is out on May 18.

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