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Of course the undead Catelyn Stark doesn’t feature in the TV Show, but she’s expected to commit revenge murders and resurrect dead characters during the next novel.

And one fan theorises that rather than Sansa sentencing Littlefinger to death, the Lord Petyr Baelish of the books will kill Sansa.

But only for Sansa to be resurrected by her undead mother, Lady Stoneheart.

argues: “Over the [course] of Sansa’s chapters her Stark side has been slowly becoming stronger and more defiant.

“If there is one thing we know about Littlefinger it’s that he HATES the Starks.

“The Starks humiliated him, stole his girl and prevented him from seeing her.

“He hates the Starks and the moment he realises that Sansa isn’t just Catelyn’s double and sees that she’s Lady Stark of Winterfell he isn’t going to let her get away with the information she’s required.”

They added: “In this version of the theory Sansa doesn’t kill Littlefinger and instead Littlefinger disposes of Sansa.

“Breanne tracks down Sansa and informs Lady Stoneheart of her whereabouts and Stoneheart discovers her deceased daughter and in her grief gives her the kiss of life.

“A new[ly] resurrected Sansa now with the knowledge of what Littlefinger had done to her family heads back up to the Vale and scares the life out of Littlefinger (so to speak).

“She will then most likely take over the Vale and head North for Winterfell.”

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