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The horror film starring Toni Collette has had a phenomenal response from critics, who have helped it to an incredible 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Audiences, however, are not so keen.

CinemaScore, the highest-profile audience opinion poll to guarantee its respondents have seen the film, has revealed a disappointing D+ grade, on an A+ to F scale.

That’s incredibly low considering the hype around the movie, and is almost comparable to the similarly unconventional mother!, which earned a staggering F grade last year.

Fans who have seen the film, however, have been wildly disagreeing on the grade.

One tweeted: “movie was sold out and had many people so scared they walked out.. you can’t buy PR that good.

“Expect word of mouth to be very good for this film. By far the scariest movie I’ve seen in years.”

“Intense and incredible cinema,” said another. “F**k this score.”

Another wrote: “I respectfully disagree with the CinemaScore, but this just means most audiences just want to see films with a simplistic storyline; that tells you everything about the movie.

“I hope it does well box office wise, and gets noticed during awards season.”

Also this weekend, Hotel Artemis scored a C- and Ocean’s 8 scored a B+.

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