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Meghan Markle looked stunning as she stepped of the Queen’s private train in Runcorn today.

However, the Duchess of Sussex, who was visiting Cheshire, was hit with problems when she arrived in the town centre.

Storm Hector, which has been causing travel problems with 70mph winds, caused the former-actresses hair to whip around her head.

Meghan’s long brunette locks hit her face as she attempted to wave at crowds in Chester.

Twitter users called for the actress to hire a different hair stylist in the wake of the fashion faux pas.

One wrote: “You should have informed Meghan Cheshire is having high winds so she could have tied her hair back.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Can Meghan please opt for shorter hair or have it styled – so it does not cause her to pull it off her face, soooo annoying and distracting.”

“Please tie it up / back at events. Or, have a stylist STYLE it! Thanks,” another social media user wrote.

However, others jumped to Meghan’s defence.

One wrote: “Please try maintaining perfect hair with 60 mph expected winds. thanks.

“Also, don’t chime ‘she should’ve put her hair up,’ bc she can choose to put her hair down if she wants.

“It’s not like she didn’t comb her hair for 30 days.” [sic]

The Duchess of Sussex was hailed as being “relatable” by one Twitter user.

They wrote: “Also it’s relatable AF how Meghan’s hair is always slightly misbehaving.”

Meghan Markle wore a cream dress with a cape over her shoulder for the event today. 

The dress was created by the same designer of made the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress.

She also appeared to be wearing royal appropriate clear tights today – a rule the Queen reportedly has for royal women.

Meghan’s hair was worn down and in loose waves, falling over her shoulders.

Her trademark messy bun was nowhere to be seen – clearly she favoured a more polished style beside Queen Elizabeth.

The former actress appeared relaxed and calm as she exited the famous Royal Train.

She wore little makeup, but sported a deep tan which looked radiant against her pale dress. Her nails were painted in nude – the only nail colour royal women are allowed.

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