Melania Trump: Will she have to curtsey to Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle?


Melania Trump and Donald Trump, President of the US, will arrive in London on 13 July for a four day visit to the UK.

The Trump visit will not be an official state visit, but will rather be what is known as a working visit. This means Melania and Donald will not visit Buckingham Palace, along with a military welcome, as Barack Obama did.

They will, however, meet with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. It will be the first time the former model from Slovenia has met the British monarch, although she has previously spoken to the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry during a trip to Canada.

Despite her important post of First Lady of the United States, there are numerous rules Melania will have to follow when she meets the Queen.

She will be expected to curtsey or bow her head. However, according to the BBC, you can also shake hands or do a combination as Theresa May once did.

Melania should only shake hands with the Queen if she offers it, however, as her Majesty shouldn’t be touched.

In 2009, Michelle Obama famously put her arm around the Queen for a photograph opportunity.

The Queen seemed unfazed by the break from usual etiquette, returning the gesture.

Melania will likely observe the correct procedure, as she is not known for being tactile.

Trump’s wife will also need to use the right greetings when she meets the UK’s monarch.

The correct address to the Queen is Your Majesty and subsequently Ma’am, pronounced like jam.

She will also have to arrive early as guests should always arrive before a royal.

Further royal rules to follow include taking the Queen’s lead.

Melania will have to wait for the Queen to address her and for the Queen to sit before she does.

A US representative has revealed the First Lady’s feelings about the four day trip.

Meeting the British monarch at Windsor Castle will be a “highlight” for both the First Lady and her husband, said US Ambassador Robert Johnson.

He told reporters on Friday: “A highlight of any President’s visit to the UK [is when] the President and First Lady will travel to Windsor Castle to meet Her Majesty the Queen.”

After meeting with the Queen and the Prime Minister, the couple will then travel to Scotland for the weekend.

Melania may carry out some solo engagements during the visit, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed to USA Today.

While the President and Prime Minister are embroiled in political talks, Melania is set to be kept company by Theresa’s husband, Philip May.

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