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Ball, LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers left themselves with too much to do to overturn a deficit against their opponents.

And that meant Magic came away with a 108-104 win at the Staples Center.

But Ball is keen for the Lakers to move on, learn from their mistakes and bounce back with a victory against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday.

He said: “Just bounce back, learn from this, move on, take one step back, take two steps forward.”

The 21-year-old insisted there was plenty of positives to take from the losing effort though.

He said: “Good energy, we got some stops and then got on transition where we’re best and started making some shots and erase the deficit but unfortunately we came up a little bit short.”

And Ball agreed with coach Luke Walton and his assessment of the Lakers being poor defensively.

He added: “Exactly what he said. I think we came out pretty strong, we got up early and then fell of in the second, third quarter obviously when they blew us out and by that time we had to expend so much energy to get back in the game we came up a little short.”

Ball also opened up on trying to be more aggressive in order to help the Lakers win more matches.

He explained: “Yeah my target is to take it, for the most part I’m trying to. It’s a little harder when we couldn’t get no stops though.”

LeBron also had his say after the defeat and thinks the Lakers need to be more selfish to pick up wins.

When asked about the level of turnovers Lakers conceded, James said: “Some of them [my team-mates] have been too unselfish, including myself!

“I’ve been making some passes where I have a small window and I’m seeing guys, but I try and hold onto it.

“A lot of the turnovers are unforced. Some of them on the other hand are tight turnovers. We got to do a better job of that.

“We know we haven’t taken care of the ball last two games.”

When pressed on whether the higher turnover is linked to a lower rate of passing, James added: “I don’t know. I’ll have to take a look at it.

“I know me personally my turnovers aren’t coming from the best passes I make.

“I have had a couple of turnovers where I look back and think ‘I should have held onto that one more’.

“Two of them I rang into a guy and was called an offensive foul. The last two games we haven’t taken care of the ball and we can’t afford to do that.”

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