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The Han Solo prequel was reported late last month to be on course to rake in less than the original trilogy at the box office – even without counting for inflation.

But according to Comic Book, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

Solo has limped over the $200 million mark domestically (US only), to reach a new total of $210 million.

That is, despite gloomy forecasts to the contrary, more than The Empire Strikes Back ($209.4 million); the movie many would argue is the best Star Wars caper of all time.

There’s a catch, though: that ‘achievement’ doesn’t account for inflation, or for Empire’s numerous re-releases.

With inflation factored in, Empire’s gross would – of course – be much higher.

But the bottom line is that, while Solo is still something of a negative anomaly among Star Wars movies, things aren’t quite as bad as they appeared.

Disney are still expected to lose tens of millions of dollars from Solo; their first experience of relative failure with the Star Wars franchise.

Episode 9 is the next Star Wars movie due for release; out in late 2019.

After that, two more trilogies are in the works – although the fates of numerous other rumoured spin-offs remain unclear.

An Obi-Wan film has long been rumoured but never confirmed; as has a standalone adventure for Boba Fett.

Once more, Solo ended with the door open for a sequel; the fate of Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra left unclear.

Ron Howard recently denied reports that all spin-offs and prequels had been put on indefinite hold.

Solo is still playing at some cinemas.

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