Supermoon 2019 horoscope: How will March Worm Moon affect your astrology?


The March Full Moon, often dubbed the Worm Moon, enters the charts tonight at zero degrees in Libra. Here in the UK, the Moon will peak over the horizon at around 6.51pm GMT but will not reach full illumination until around 1.42am GMT on March 21. When this happens, the glowing face of the Moon will be in direct opposition to the Sun, which also happens to have entered Aries today. The Moon might also appear exceptionally brighter and larger-than-usual because it is a Supermoon or a Full Moon near its closest orbit to Earth.

And if that was not exciting enough, tonight’s Full Moon is the first in 19 years to fall on the day of the Vernal or Spring Equinox.

Such a rare celestial event will not repeat itself until the year 2030 and even in that case, it will not be a Supermoon.

All of this combined together, results in an exquisite astrological spectacle, according to astrologer Julian Venables of

Mr Venables told the Moon in astrology reflects the emotional side and the ever-changing nature of humans.


Because of this, he expects emotions to intensely “fluctuate and change” over the next few days.

Mr Venables said: “The Moon is only ever fully lit up for two days every month, otherwise it is always changing.

“So when the Full Moon comes around each month, emotional nature is sometimes challenged and there is a possibility that irrational reactions or responses can occur.

“In a way, in the past, people would refer to this as being ‘moonstruck’ – that is quite an old word, particularly in romantic or sentimental situations.”


The Sun in Aries, the Full Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox combined are one of the most important astrological moments of the year.

Mr Venables expects some sort of “peak” in the realm of politics to occur this week.

This, he said, is represented by the Sun and Moon facing off and confronting each other tonight.

Could these be a symbolic representation of the ongoing conflict in the British House of Commons?


The astrologer said two sides of a political conflict are bound to present themselves in the next few days.

Mr Venables said: “What we’re going to get probably, is the willpower of the Sun going against the feelings of the Moon.”

Aries is the bossy, confrontative and almost brash cosmic energy, which often takes on a leadership role but rarely follows through with its ambitions.

Libra, on the other hand, is much more agreeable, thoughtful and recognised for its diplomatic approach to confrontations.


This, in turn, could have an effect on relationships, where Mr Venables warned people to expect change.

The astrologer said: “Aries and Libra are, of course, the zodiacs of relationships and marriage.

“People need to look out for changes and developments in relationships.

“Is there a need to be more affable, or charming, or cooperative with your partner?

“Or on the other side of things, is your partner being very impatient, very headstrong, very extrovert, to assertive?”

Mr Venables said these two conflicts will manifest themselves in the context of everyone’s horoscope chart.”

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