These are the funniest animal pictures of 2018


Award-winning wildlife photos can take hours to set-up and lots of waiting in earnest for that perfect moment – often in treacherous or uncomfortable natural habitats.

But sometimes, the best pictures are those that happen when you least expect them.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards always provide meme-worthy delights, and this year’s winners are no exception.

Thousands of photographers from around the world entered their images, and here are the funniest photos of 2018.

The overall winner received three awards out of the eight categories. Mary McGowan triumphed with ‘Caught in the act’, an image starring a shocked squirrel

We’re not sure if this squirrel is stunned or in the middle of pulling some MC Hammer moves, but either way, it’s a worthy winner.

Photographer Mary McGowan picked up two prizes for this picture, and was named overall winner.

An owl peeks up from the ground, by Shane Keena

Shane Keena picked up the Spectrum photo creatures of the air award for his photograph of an inquisitive owl peeking over a hill.

Owl poos off wall, by Arshdeep Singh - for Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy owls are clearly good subjects. Arshdeep Singh was handed the junior prize for his photograph of an owl caught short on a wall.

Tanya Houppermans’ Smiling Blue Shark won the Under the Sea Category of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Tanya Houppermans’ smiling blue shark was triumphant in the under the sea category.

Two dusky leaf monkeys fight, by Sergey Savvi

Two dusky leaf monkeys fight, by Sergey Savvi.

Coastal Brown Bear Cub  with headache by Valtteri Mulkahainen

We know how you feel. Coastal brown bear cub, by Valtteri Mulkahainen.

Dancing grizzly bear cubs, by Michael Watts

Dancing grizzly bear cubs, by Michael Watts.

A rhino appears to have a peacock's tail, by Kallol Mukherjee

A rhino is given a peacock tutu, by Kallol Mukherjee.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were founded by wildlife photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks. Working alongside the Born Free Foundation, the aim is to highlight the more serious matter of wildlife conservation.

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